The three Magic Kings brought us amazing present - on 06th Jan was born beautiful litter "Y" of the breed Chongqing Dog. Puppies will be registered in the Slovak Kennel Club (SKJ/FCI) and they will have official FCI pedigree. Mother is BIS winner, expectant for Championships of Slovakia, Hungary and Poland and father is amazing male imported from China who is expectant for Champion of Serbia. More information by Tato e-mailová adresa je chráněna před spamboty. Pro její zobrazení musíte mít povolen Javascript. 



YONG Slnečný Lúč

male, red




YAHUI Slnečný Lúč

male, red




YET KWAI Slnečný Lúč

female, red


reserved USA


YI ZE Slnečný Lúč

female, red


reserved PL



 Our origin and how we came to the world..




English Bulldog - FCI kennel Slnečný Lúč Slovakia

Why to choose a puppy with pedigree from certified breeder?

- our goal is to breed healthly, typical exemplars with great character, our dogs are pets and family members first and then breeding and show dogs

- parents of our future breeding have passed breeding examinations, health examinations, they are under regular vet check and they are fully registered in Kennel Club

- puppies are raised in family atmosphere, in a hygienic enviroment in regular contact with people, bred with love and 24h care, they receive high quality dog food mixed with meat and rice

- each puppy is leaving our house not sooner than in 8 weeks of age, together with official FCI pedigree ; international passport and fully socialized, dewormedvaccinated til the time of collection, with microchip and purchase contract - we do not sell puppies without pedigree and we do not support this kind of "black market"

- puppies are registrated in Stud Book of Slovak Kennel Club FCI - UNKK/SKJ in Slovakia ( ; ; also in Central register of domestic animals (

- we prefer regular contact with owners of our babies and we provide breeding service for the whole life of puppy

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