JCh. Bubble Illimon


Date of birth: 02.02.2018

Mother: O´Hara Illimon

Father: C-Junior Large Garden-Bulls

Health: ECVO clear


BIS Puppy 2, 4xCAJC, Juniorchampion of Slovakia, Juniorchampion of Serbia, 1x CAC, 1x res.CACIB - expectant for Slovak Champion FCI, 1xCWC - expectant for Polish Champion


Bambi Slnecny Luc


Date of birth: 10.06.2016

Mother: Suyuan Yinse Xieshu (China)

Father: Nunshuan Naiengo Xutang (China)

Litters: 2018 (CKU)

Shows: 3xCAC, BIS NON FCI recognized breeds - expectant for Hungarian Champion FCI, 3xCWC - expectant for Polish Champion FCI

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